Careers at Champresumes

At ChampResumes, we have a means of doing things a little differently than similar employers. We have some core philosophies that influence most of our business decisions. One of these is our emphasis on teams and people. Above all, it is our firmest belief that the internal dynamics of a team are more important than the competitive landscape. For this reason, we tend to be quite selective about hiring the right people for the right job.

ChampResumes provides a resume-writing service to customers on a global scale. This is backed up with world-class, 24/7 customer support. We are quickly growing and have added 300 plus writers in the last year, as well as 15 new employees. Better yet, we only hope to take on more in the coming years.

  • Do you have a gift for providing top customer service?
  • Do you have high quality editorial skills in the field of business, writing, or education?
  • Are you a talented software developer?
  • Or, do you have online marketing skills that can guarantee an effective online campaign to drives sales, traffic and engagement?
  • If so, look no further and check out some of our available positions on offer. If you would like to pursue a career with us , please contact