Great example of perseverance and working ethics

Øyvin Thon is a world famous norwegian orienteering competitor, whose amazing work ethics made him 7 time world champion. From early years, Øyvin was putting efforts to rich his goal and become a champion. Orienteering is not an easy sport, it requires physical straight, sharp mind and good knowledge of territory. That’s why to become the best in this sport you need constantly train yourself. Øyvin Thon is a such person. He resume to work hard in reaching his goal and never gave up. He won his first title in 1979 in Tampere. It was a tough challenge and the final result difference was less than a minute. Here’s tournament standings:

World Championships, 1979 in Tampere, Finland

1. Øyvin Thon NOR 1.36.07
2. Egil Johansen NOR 1.37.17
3. Tore Sagvolden NOR 1.37.27
4. Kjell Lauri SWE 1.38.54
5. Lars Lönnkvist SWE 1.40.28
6. Rolf Pettersson SWE 1.41.30
7. Risto Nuuros FIN 1.42.01
8. Dieter Hulliger SUI 1.42.26
9. Eystein Weltzien NOR 1.44.03
10. Dieter Wolf SUI 1.45.40

His next title he is won in a 2 years in Thun. 2 years of extensive training brought him the title. The final men stats:

World Championships, 1981 in Thun, Switzerland

1. Øyvin Thon NOR 1.30.05
2. Tore Sagvolden n NOR 1.32.33
3. Morten Beglia NOR 1.33.10
4. Lars Lönnkvist SWE 1.35.06
5. Kari Sallinent FIN 1.35.49
6. Jörgen Mårtensson SWE 1.36.04
7. Jaroslav Kacmarcik TCH 1.38.31
8. Lars Konradsen DEN 1.39.43
9. Martin Howald SUI 1.40.31
10. Harald Thon NOR 1.41.24

After those titles Øyvin Thon won another 5 titles with a team. He is a great example of a man who is not stops before a challenge and always fights till the end.